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Taxes and probate are some of the most complicated legal fields in existence, which means they often demand decades of in-depth experience to be handled well. I’m proud to say that I’m backed by more than 50 years of practice as a legal attorney in Sarasota, FL, making me your go-to for meeting tax and estate needs. You and your family can always rely on George Browning III, Attorney at Law for all of your legal services.

For the past five decades, I’ve provided focused legal attorney services regarding wills, trusts, and similar matters. I ensure that wishes are followed, wills are validated, taxes are paid, and assets are distributed as specified. In short, the work I do for you and your family grants all of you peace of mind even if the worst should happen. When people hear the name George Browning III, they know they’re getting the service of someone who knows Florida law inside and out.

What Can I Do for You?

As a professional estate planning attorney, I serve individual clients and private foundations alike in preparing for their futures. Are you worried about what will happen to your property after you’ve passed on? I can help you make a plan for that--one that will hold up in court. The two of us can also designate someone to speak for you if you should become incapacitated and unable to make decisions. Talk to me today about arranging any of the following:

  • Trusts & Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Probate
  • Estate Planning
  • Living Wills
George Browning III a professional legal attorney in Sarasota, FL.

Get in touch with me to work on creating any living wills you require, among other solutions. You couldn’t ask for a more qualified expert to be by your side when you need one the most.

Contact me to arrange a consultation. I work with clients from Sarasota, Florida, and the surrounding 20-mile radius.

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