Establishing Your Living Will and Trust in Sarasota

Life is uncertain, so it’s crucial to prepare for any scenario. Get the legal guidance you need to protect your future by consulting with George Browning III, Attorney at Law. We’re the team to trust for setting up a living will and trust in Sarasota. These documents ensure your wishes are known should you ever be incapacitated and unable speak for yourself.

Living Wills vs. Trusts

People often confuse these two documents because they have similar names and purposes, but they are quite different. A living will explains your wishes regarding medical care if your health becomes critical – for example, if you’re in an irreversible coma or no longer lucid enough to express yourself. The document addresses your wishes regarding life-sustaining vs. life-ending procedures, palliative care, organ donation, and so on.

A living trust is a legal entity that helps you manage your finances when you’re well, when you’re near death, and after death. It allows you to place your assets in a trust and name yourself the trustee with full management power – and also name your preferred successor trustee and beneficiaries. The successor trustee will also take over if you’re too incapacitated to manage your affairs.

Consult with Our Team

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