Legal Services in Sarasota, FL: Frequently Asked Questions

At the law office of George Browning III, Attorney at Law, we are committed to helping our clients exercise their rights to the fullest. Therefore, we provide a variety of legal services in Sarasota, FL. Thanks to our skill, experience, and client-first approach to service you have the power to take control over your future.

Making decisions about your estate and where your assets will go can be challenging. We understand your concerns and want to empower you with the best possible information. That’s why we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions page for your reference. This section will provide some answers to common issues that arise with estate planning.

Please note that these answers are for general information purposes only, and they should never be a substitute for counsel from a legal professional. It is highly recommended to speak with a probate attorney before pursuing any action related to estate planning, wills, and trusts.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will is a written legal document that defines your wishes regarding medical care in the event you become incapacitated. Should you suffer from an event that renders you unable to speak or act for yourself, the living will provides directives on life-sustaining/end-of-life procedures, organ donation, and so on.

Why Would I Need Estate Planning Services?

Your belongings, assets, finances, and debts do not go away when you die. As such, it is helpful to work with an estate planning attorney to finalize an actionable plan that protects your interests when your time comes. Estate planning is also useful as it might resolve any conflicts that might arise among family, friends, and business partners. Preparing your estate plan now can prevent much heartbreak—and possible lawsuits—in the future.

What is Probate?

When someone passes away, doesn’t have a valid will, and there are unsettled aspects of their estate, then the estate goes into probate. During this process, the court decides who will be the executor of the deceased’s estate. This process also determines who or what will get any remaining assets, including the settlement of outstanding debts. Navigating the various probate laws can be a time-consuming and stressful process, so anyone named an executor should hire a probate attorney for assistance.

Planning your estate will ensure that your wishes and legacy are respected by your loved ones. If you are interested in establishing a living will or need assistance with estate planning, feel at ease in knowing we are here for you. Contact our law firm for a consultation to begin setting your future in stone.